Slip, Trip Falling Accident

Slip, Trip & Falling Accident


Accidents caused by a simple slip or trip can happen any time, any place, often where you least expect them. Our personal injury solicitors will be able to establish if awareness and safety procedures were insufficient and resulted in a slip, trip or fall leaving you injured.


You may have had a slip or trip accident and been injured in one of a number of public places, perhaps when you were out shopping or visiting pubs,clubs, leisure facilities or other venues. You might have been at school or college or visiting someone in hospital. You may have tripped over a broken paving slab when walking down the street or even slipped on oil spilt on the floor in the reception area while picking your car up from the garage.


There are laws that impose a duty on the people responsible for the running or maintaining of a public place to ensure that lawful visitors are reasonably safe from slip or trip accidents whilst on their premises. Public liability also applies to places of employment, and any privately owned land or building whilst highway authorities and local councils also have a legal responsibility to maintain pavements and roads to reasonable levels.


If you have suffered a personal injury due to negligence from a private company, public organisation or governing body, you should seek our specialist advice.


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