Car Accidents and Whiplash

Car Accidents and Whiplash

Traffic accident and to drivers fightingClaims can be made by drivers or passengers. As long as the accident occurred within the last 3 years and wasn’t your fault then you should be entitled to compensation. The most common injury is whiplash (an injury to the neck resulting from a rapid jolt or acceleration) with over 250,000 incidents each year but injuries can range from sprains and dislocations to major trauma or even brain damage.


4044__whiplash_whiplash-the-If liability is established early in your claim it should be fairly straightforward and should not take long to process. We specialise in these types of claim and offer a fast-track service in most situations but in some cases it can take longer depending on the accident it self and third party liability.

Simply provide us with details of where the accident took place, who was involved and any details you have noted from the other driver and we will do the rest!!

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