Accident at Work

Accident at Work

work_accident_compensationBridge Car Hire are experts in dealing with compensation claims resulting from accidents at work: slips and trips, being struck by a moving or falling object, falling from a height, or being injured while handling, lifting or carrying objects.

Our specialist compensation solicitors will investigate all possible causes of work related accident:-

  • Lifting or manual-handling operations
  • Driving
  • Using equipment
  • Using machinery
  • Inadequate training
  • Unsafe premises or work site
  • The actions of your work colleagues

There are many workplace regulations to protect you from injury but accidents at work still happen and we are here to help. Your employer has a legal requirement to protect you from injuries in the workplace and must, by law, have an insurance policy to cover compensation for injuries and loss of earnings when an accident at work does arise. Our specialist personal injury solicitors can advise you in relation to your claim for compensation following an accident at work.

You will be in a strong position to claim for compensation:

If the accident you have suffered at work was as a result of your employer’s failure to adhere to any of the workplace rules and regulations.

If you feel that your accident occurred because you were not properly trained or supervised for a workplace procedure.
Even if a fellow employee caused your accident, your employer may still be liable to pay you compensation for the harm you have suffered.

To find out if you have a claim for an accident at work, simply call our phone number or complete the online enquiry form NOW for totally confidential, free, no-obligation, expert advice.

Is My Job at Risk 


Claiming for an injury or any other reason is your right!

Legally your employer can not sack you for making a claim!!

If you are injured or hurt in an accident at work which is the fault of someone else then you are fully entitled to claim compensation. Many people, however, hesitate to make this kind of claim because they worry about the effect it may have on their employment status. Basically, they fear that making a claim may result in them losing their job. Whilst it may seem natural to worry in this manner, there really is no need.

Remember: your employer has a duty of care toward you. It is their responsibility to ensure that the workplace is a safe place, and if they fail in this duty then you have every right make a compensation claim.

Sacking somebody because they make a personal injury claim is actually against Employment Law, and, if an employer chooses to go down this route, then you’ll be in the position to make another claim for unfair dismissal.

Don’t forget – an employer should have insurance to cover the cost of compensation claims, so you are not taking money directly out of their pockets. It is the insurance company that will be paying, not your boss, so any idea that a claim will have a detrimental effect upon your workplace, for you or your colleagues, can be dismissed out of hand.


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